Tuesday, 14 March 2017


hellooo, I told you I would be back! Today's post is little snippets of things. just little bits that maybe didn't warrant a full post but that I wanted to write! It will be like my own little magazine, like woman's own but Ian's own? Omg I want to call the blog Ian own? Maybe, maybe not! Anyway as I sit here covered in ketchup and cheese from my extremely overloaded Aldi special microwave burger and Dannii minouge mega mix on I shall get this post going!

la Prarie or not? 

I don't even know if I have spelt that name right? It's the mega posh cream that they sell in selfridges and sassy places like that for over £200!!!!!! It has a marvellous cult following but when I'm desperately wanting a cordless vacuum I'm sorry but no, £200 has other priorities. So instead I got myself a rather expensive looking, but no so expensive tub of Aldis Lacura Caviar day cream! £5.99 I believe it was. Ohh I love this stuff! Why so?

The packaging looks awesome!

It smell so so fresh and expensive, I often sit here just smelling it. Love love love!

The texture is beautiful, it glides on like actual silk!

Does it campare to la Prarie fancy stuff? I have no idea because my days of spending stupid amounts on lotions and potions are over! I do know this "dupe" cream is packed full of sass, will leave you glowing and feeling marvellous! It's still available in Aldi so give it a go if you want all the sass without the cash£££££££££££

loving this life hack!

Do you ever sit there watching those crazy hacker videos wondering if attaching a toilet brush to a drill and inserting it into a bucket of water and potatoes will really change your life? Perhaps not! But this hack I read somewhere or other is working a treat for me! So I hate that feeling of dread when I approach a shop and I think omg I have no £1 coin for the trolley!! Is it just me? So instead you have to drag round a basket whilst crying into your shopping and punching yourself for not being organsied, never mind when you remember you've left your bags in the boot! Well fear no more my friend! Grab a Yale key from your keys and jam it into that trolley(simmer down!). It totally works and because I have my keys on me I'm sorted! Give this a go and banish trolley anxiety from your life! I can't be held responcible for any keys that may get sucked into oblivion so check your trolley for anything suspect that may leave you locked out your house!

Grace and frankie

Do you have Netflix? If not why not? Besides the obvious benefits of this Netflix and chill lark(JOKE!). Besides that dirty smut it has the fabulous Netflix original show Grace and Frankie. If you haven't seen it then go to your Netflix making machine and watch it right this second! I love anything with female lead roles who are winning, or in this case sometimes not winning at life? The main characters Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lilly Tomlin) are brought together under a random and rather out of the blue turn of events. It takes a while for their friendship to blossom but it's so cute and they're lovley and it's a lovley programme and it makes you feel lovley and it's just lovely! Lovley!! Get it watched! Get your Aldi special burger on and some other essential snacks and binge watch the hell out of season 1 and 2! I forgot to mention season 3 starts on the 24th of march, AND THATS SOON!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Ian's own magazine. Ha! Dont forget you can leave a comment below with questions or sassy talk or just anything really!

Blog over and out!

I would spell check this post but I have no idea how to scroll up on the I pad so you know........

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Yet again I will announce myself as back in the blogging game!

For a number of weeks or months in fact I've been wanting to get back to my blog.  It was back in 2015 I uploaded my last post, goodness that's a long time ago. So what's happened since then? Well my love of products and beauty has of course continued. I have many products and beauty gadgets I cannot wait to review! I'm also now a qualified nail technician in levels 2 and 3! I am an obsessed mani/pedi person.

So I want to continue with the beauty side of the blog but I would also like to expand into lifestyle and all sorts of other things. Anyone who knows me knows my interests go from one random nail polish to Titanic to Vacuum cleaners so who knows what I will be posting!

I'd like really just to have the blog as a little community for beauty enthusiasts, positivity prince and princess' and anyone who likes a random gab about this, that and th other.

I look forward to posting lots more to come.

Love and positivity


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sun shimmer love!

Hello everyone! So let's get started with my first review. Today's or should I say tonight's product is Rimmel sun shimmer mousse in light matte. Before we go onto the product itself lets go back a week or so. So my holiday was fast approaching and I was desperate for a holiday glow. Is take anything, just a little bit of something to warm up my pastey skin. I settled on fake bake fair gradual tanner. I read the reviews and watched the YouTube videos and thought I'd kit the jackpot in the pale skin department. I decided to leave the application until the night before my holiday. RISKY!!!!!! So I had spent the previous week scrubbing and moisturising ready for a tanning session. So I followed all the steps and went to bed. I will do a full review of the fake bake at a later date. Long story short I woke up a streaky mess! EEEEK! Be in my application method or need for more skin prepping I was stuck with a crappy tan!

Anyway there's the scenario that left me desperate to find a suitable fake tan for my skin! I found the Rimmel product online and read up about it. Sounds fabulous! I picked it up in superdrug for £4.99 discounted from £7.99. Fair price I thought. I opted for the light colour as I say I am pale and just want to warm my complexion up a bit. The product has a few features that it's states which are....... It develops in one hour and lasts up to seven days, light weight velvety mousse, dries within 2 minuets, up to 24 hour moisture, natural looking streak free tan, no self tan smell! Quite a lot for a £5 bottle of tan! So I applied this in a rather random way. I had the idea of using my stippling brush to apply this to my face so I could give it a super good blend on my face. I used a piece of card as a pallette and mixed a pump of the mousse with a drop of face serum. It blended so nicely and evenly on my face and neck. It didn't dry too quickly so gave enough time to evenly spread the product. The guide colour was fab, it was a lovely golden colour and looked very natural, it also didn't clag up and was not sticky at all! As for the one hour development I would sort of agree. I didn't time it exactly but I saw my face gain colour quite quickly. I had left this on for around three hours before washing it off in the shower tonight. The colour left behind is lighter of course due to the guide colour washing off. I'm left with a nice hint of colour. It would probably be a little darker if I had of used this product near and also maybe left it on longer. 

All in all I'm happy with this. Rimmel have done well here I feel, probably due to their success with the sun shimmer range as a whole. I will do an update of this product when I've given it a go near on my arms legs and face! Don't worry the update will be a lot shorter! Thanks for reading, I'm glad to be back! Any requests of reviews or topics you would like me to cover then comment below! Blog soon, Ian x

I'm back!

well hello there! It's me! I'm back! After having a break for what seems to be over a year! I've had a recent run of ups and downs with products and thought I just had to share! I will get some posts up asap. I will also give the blog a cleanse tone and moisturise to make it all refreshed and glowing. This basically means I will update the theme and all that stuff to get things looking fabulous! Totally looking forward to getting back into blogging! I have so much to share. Blog soon, Ian x

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Hello everyone! I hope you're having a fabulous day! Here's a cracking little tip I found for fixing up those scary fake tan mistakes! So your staring at your newly tanned legs when you discover even after buffing your fake tan to perfections there is a bloomin streaky patch! Never fear! Go grab some baking soda and mix it with a little water. Apply in gentle circular motions to the offending area and watch as those naughty streaky bits fade away! This exfoliator is a natural and gentle way to fix up any fake tan disaster! More tips soon!

Ian x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hello everyone! Sorry the blog post schedule has messed up a bit, I got a terrible cold that left me all meh with no energy so I fell behind a bit on the blog post front! Not to worry! Here we are with some more beauty tips. Today I'm giving tips from the cutlery drawer! Don't tell me you didn't know cutlery can double as a magic beauty tool?

Spoony tip one! Place a spoon under your lower lashes with the curved part facing out wards! This makes coating the lower lashes fool proof as it avoids any dark panda eye situations, all the mascara will go onto the spoon instead of your eyes! Result!

Spoony tip two! You've probably heard this tip before but I always think it gets over looked! Pop a pair of spoons in the fridge, after they cool take them out and gently hold them over your eyes! The super cool shot helps rev up circulation and drain away any built up fluid and puffiness! Tired eyes be gone!

Spoony tip three! Emergency eyelash curlers! If your lashes are looking a little drab and your eye lash curlers are nowhere to be seen a spoon is your new pal! Place the spoon edge on top of your lashes and using your thumb press and hold! After about 10 seconds release the pressure and ta da!

So give these tips a go and let me know how you get on! Its like there is a whole new meaning to spooning! More tips coming soon!

Ian x

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to you! Today i am going to show you the firming lotion of all firming lotions! This little gem for Nivea has been a favourite of mine for years and whilst i do stray sometimes and try other products, nothing seems to beat it! I have been using the Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix as you will see from Friday's post as i do like the de-puffing action it brings, but it will never beat my Nivea Firming Lotion!

I'm keeping this post short as to be honest this product doesn't need me to rave on for ages about how good it is as the results it brings speak for them selves! Basically, just like a lot of Nivea's face creams, this super body lotion contains Q10! Basically what this wonder ingredient does is politely asks those un firm areas to kindly move on and stop loitering! Fabulouso! This lotion is my side kick whilst i am on my healthy eating and trying to loose a few pounds, it stops the skin from looking like it has melted once you have put all that hard work in and got your slimming results! You can find this product everywhere, i picked up the 400ml tube for £3 in Asda! Asda's lack of beauty knowledge which means they have no idea what the correct price of products should be! Love yah really Asda! So if you're looking to wave good bye to that extra bit of jiggle in your wiggle then get on this classic Nivea lotion! Let me know how you get on and stay fabulous everyone! Blog soon!
You gotta love

Ian x

Friday, 16 August 2013


Hello everyone! I've just started a healthy eating regimen! I have thrown fad diets out the window because although I've had great success with them in the past they have turned me into a mega yo-yo dieter! Not good! Now I'm not trying to go all stupidly skinny but treat day has turned into every day in my life and I've piled on a pound or 17? So along with my healthy eating I've roped in the beauty department for a nice fix to firm up my body too! So I bring you Nip + Fab body slim fix!

Nip +Fab is becoming one of my new favourite brands with its endless list of fab fixes for all sorts of body and skin issues! One of the newest lines to be added to the Nip + Fab collection is the fitness range, Apparently the products are deigned to run along side an active lifestyle to help you on your body beautifying mission.As well as Body slim fix, in the range there is also a body scrub to rev up circulation and a roll on to soothe tired muscles.

Now I do have to admit I may have been first attracted by this product as basically it is advertised as slimming in a tube (there is always hope). This daily toning body moisturiser contains unislim witch help sculpt and refine body contours. Also inside is cocoa butter to help soften and smooth then finally caffeine to help improve skin tone and texture. So all gimmicks and weird made up ingredients aside does this product actually work?

I have been using this product in the morning for around 7 days now, and I can honestly say i feel it working! So I haven't dropped 10 stone and shrunk to a 20" waist ( not that i would want to), but my skin feels firmer and a bit tighter too. It also feels like the puffy bits on my thighs and love handles have magically de-puffed. I think there is a lot of hate against products like these as they never seem to live up to expectations but I think this Nip + Fab fix is really good! In fact, I like it that much I have stocked up and bought four! You can find this product in most superdrug, boots, tesco and sainsburys stores, also online via the Nip + Fab website here! It is currently priced at £14.95 for the 200ml tube, I think this is more than reasonable given the reasults I got from this product!

 So if your looking for something to give you a bit More body confidence whilst eating healthy and having an active lifestyle this might just fit the bill. I'm really loving the Nip + Fab range as a whole and I am finding more and more fixes that actually work as i go along. Go Nip +Fab!!! Thanks for reading everyone, don't forget to comment below with any questions or your own mini review on this product! Blog soon!

Ian x

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hello guys and gals, i hope you're all well. As your probably aware BB creams are popping up everywhere. I cant now think of a single brand who hasn't made their own attempt at making one. But with so many different types and brands of BB cream out there how do you possibly find one that's right for your skin without wasting loads of money testing them all out? The answer is simple, don't! Instead of all the faf you can make your own BB cream with products you already have, so go grab your favourite moisturiser, primer and foundation and meet me back here in five! Ready? OK, so all you need to do is mix equal parts of these three products and apply to your face as normal! Don't forget you can mix and match the quantities for different effects like more foundation for more coverage etc so have a go! Once you get your mix sorted you could always mix up some more and pop it into a little tub! Fresh skin in a flash without the extra price tag! WIN! Let me know how you get on below and Look out for more tips coming soon!

Ian x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hello everyone, I hope you're all well! As you may be aware I love my skin care products, in particular products that offer a different angle on your average skin care routine. The product I'm talking about today is the No7 Beautiful Skin Deep Pore Purifier. This item first caught my eye whilst I was having a browse on the boots website and it ended joining my product family as a birthday gift! You can read the blog post on what I got for my birthday here! So I've been using the pore purifier for a few weeks now, so lets see how I got on.

As you can see from the picture below this isn't your average looking beauty product, its a product gadget thingymebob! It has a main tube filled with a cleansing gel and a tip witch has the round scrubby thing on! I've been behaving and following all the instructions, not that there is a lot to follow. You turn the top to the on position, squeeze out a pea sized amount of cleanser then turn the top bit to the off position. You then work the cleanser into a damp t zone using the circular scrub thing (i have no idea what you would actually call it?) then you rinse off the cleanser with water.

 This product leaves your skin squeaky clean and shine free, I love it! And yes it does dissolve those nasty clogs that hang around in pores! It doesn't get rid off all clogs at once but after 3 uses my skin was 99% clog free. I find it good value too as you only need to use this product 2 to 3 times a week to keep up the results. This product is now a welcome addition to my facial skin care routine, its just fab! So if your feeling a little clogged up in the t zone area get yourself down to boots. This T zone tackler will set you back £12 but if you ask me its worth it for the shine busting, clog clouting and pore purging goodness! Thanks for reading guys and gals, I will blog to you all soon!

Ian x